What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

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Developed material used in hang gliders

Fail to Launch That rockets!

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"Francis M. Rogallo and his wife Gertrude researched flexible controllable fabric airfoils with a delta, V-shaped, configuration for use on inexpensive private aircraft. They were issued a flex-wing patent and refined their designs. Development of Rogallo wings, used by U.S. Moyes, Inc. substantially broadened the flexible airfoil technology base which originated from NASA's reentry parachute. The Rogallo technology, particularly the airfoil frame was incorporated in the design of a kite by John Dickenson. The Dickenson kite served as prototype for the Australian Moyes line of hang gliders. *Company no longer exists."

Source: http://spinoff.nasa.gov/spinoff/spinitem?title=Hang+Gliders

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