What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

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Developed technology now used to preserve books in the Library of Congress

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"Books produced since 1850, held in the Library of Congress, have a very high acid content, hence a shorter life expectancy than prior-published volumes. A means of "deacidifying" books on a large, economically-viable scale is of great interest, particularly to the research library community, which stores millions of valuable, often irreplaceable documents. The General Electric vacuum chamber used in deacidification tests serves a dual purpose. It creates an environment in which DEZ can do its job without presence of oxygen and also dries the books. After the drying phase, DEZ is introduced to the chamber as a paper-penetrating vapor. The complete process typically takes eight days, four days for vacuum drying and four days of book exposure to DEZ. Accelerated aging tests showed that the process can extend paper life almost fourfold, even on color illustrations."

Source: http://spinoff.nasa.gov/spinoff/spinitem?title=Book+Preservation

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